The McCorristons of Molokai and the McCorristons of Honolulu

In July of 1863, the cousins Daniel McCorriston—one born in 1840 to Hugh McCorriston (1805-1848), the other born in 1845 to Hugh’s brother—departed their homes in County Londonderry, Ireland, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and began a months-long voyage to the Hawaiian Islands. The cousins arrived in Honolulu on October 27, 1863, and, together with a later arrival of Hugh McCorriston (1836-1926) and Edward McCorriston (-1872), established a large, interconnected family that remains to this day. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

Although all of the cousins—along with their cousin John C. McColgan (1814-1890)—all resided on Oʻahu, Daniel McCorriston (1845-1899) never resided on Molokai. We consider him the patriarch of the McCorristons of Honolulu.

As an aside: untangling which Daniel is which can get confusing. We relied heavily on dates, locations, professions, and industries to differentiate between the two.

A Little About Daniel McCorriston (1845-1899)

Daniel McCorriston (1845-1899) was a cabinetmaker and carpenter in the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi during the later half of the 19th century. He emigrated from Ireland in 1863, and was an active member in several fraternal orders, including the Independent Order of Good Templars and the Knights of Pythias. [6] [7] [8] [9]

Daniel married Jane Johnson (1848-1930) on October 27, 1874, and they had five children: Margaret Grace McCorriston (1876-1958), Frances Della “Fanny” McCorriston (1880-1966), Daniel Frederick McCorriston (1882-1955), Robert McCorriston (1884-1951), and Isabelle “Belle” McCorriston (1887-1972). [10] [11]

The McCorristons in Honolulu

During the later half of the 19th century and the early part of the 20th century, the McCorristons became fixtures in Honolulu society. As previously mentioned, Daniel was a member of the Independent Order of Good Templars—a fraternal order similar to the Freemasons that promoted temperance—and the Knights of Pythias—a fraternal order and secret society founded in 1864 with a charter from President Lincoln. Daniel was an officer in both organizations, serving as the W.R.H.S. (unknown acronym) in the Good Templars and as the Outer Guard for the Knights of Pythias. He was also a member of the Honolulu Fire Department. [8] [9] [11]

Through marriage, Daniel and Jane were connected with Robert Love of Love’s Bakery, a current mainstay of baked goods in Hawaiʻi; with the Honouliuli ranch; and with the missionary Cooke family, partial heirs to Castle & Cooke Company. [12] [13] [14] [15]

Daniel’s and Jane’s sons, Daniel Frederick McCorriston and Robert McCorriston, were prominent businessmen in the 1910s-1940s. Daniel became a director of Theo H. Davies & Co., Ltd., a trading company founded in the 1840s, and Robert retired as the senior vice president of the Bank of Hawaii, in addition to sitting on the boards of several other companies. Both men were members of various clubs throughout Oʻahu. [16] [17]

Daniel’s and Jane’s daughter Belle was a member of the Daughters of Hawaiʻi, a benevolent society organized in 1903 whose object is “to perpetuate the memory and spirit of old Hawaii and to preserve the nomenclature and correct pronunciation of the Hawaiian language.” [18] [19]

The McCorristons of Molokai and of Honolulu

In the early years, there was a lot of crossover and contact between the McCorristons of Molokai and the McCorristons of Honolulu. Steamer passenger records show the Honolulu McCorristons going to Molokai, indicating a visit with their Molokai cousins. Near the end of the 19th century, Edward McCorriston (1872-1945) and Elizabeth McCorriston (1874-1931), the son and daughter of Daniel McCorriston (1840-1927) and Ann Nelson (c.1851-1907), lived on Oʻahu with their Honolulu cousins. [20] [21]

As time went on, however, the families divided along the lines of their ancestors and lost touch. On occasion, the two lines would cross again, as in one anecdote from Kapiʻolani Women’s and Children’s Hospital:

As the story goes, one of the (living, and therefore anonymous) descendants of Daniel McCorriston of Molokai met Dr. Colin McCorriston (1915-2001), a descendant of Daniel McCorriston of Honolulu, while working at Kapiʻolani. Dr. McCorriston was well known at the hospital, as he was the Chief of Staff of the Obstetrics department, and the two knew they were related because all (as far as we can tell) McCorristons in Hawaiʻi are related. They could not figure out what the connection was, however, and chalked it up to coincidence and losing the thread of information to history.

The McCorristons of Honolulu

The descendants of Daniel McCorriston and Jane Johnson are spread throughout Hawaiʻi and the Mainland US today. Many of their descendants settled on the West Coast of the United States, and can be found in California, Oregon, and Washington in varying numbers.

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    • 3a. Frances Della “Fanny” McCorriston (1880-1966), m. Charles Woodbury Hudson (1872-)

      • 9a. James W. Hudson (1904-1987), m. Mary Louise Evers (1901-1973)

        • 17. Hudson (1932-)

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    • 3c. ‘‘, m. Orville Whittinghill (1895-1940)

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    • 5b. ‘‘, m. Dorothy Curry (1905-1984)

    • 6. Isabelle “Belle” McCorriston (1887-1972), m. Edward Backus “Ned” Loomis (1884-1968)

      • 15. Jane Loomis (1917-2009), m. Whitney Gerald Morse (1915-2008)

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