An Almost-Comprehensive List of Deceased Descendants of Hugh McCorriston (1836-1926)

When Hugh McCorriston (1826-1926) married Margaret Louise Gorman (1846-1932) in 1877, they started a long line of descendants influential in the Hawaiian Islands during the transition to territorial status and extending across the United States today. In this week’s post, we list all of the deceased descendants of Hugh and Margaret that we were able to find and confirm.

A Note on the Listings

For clarity and privacy, we have adopted some guidelines for listing deceased descendants:

  • If a direct descendant is living, they, their spouse, and their descendants are not listed, regardless of whether or not the spouse or descendants are alive

  • If a male direct descendant is deceased and his wife or former wife is still living, we will list him and the full birth name of any deceased descendants. We will not list the living (ex-)spouse

  • If a female direct descendant is deceased and her husband or former husband is still living, we will list her and the first and middle names of any deceased descendants. We will not list the living (ex-)spouse or the surname of her deceased descendants

  • Formally adopted descendants are included in the family line; informally adopted, fostered, or hanai descendants are excluded from the family line for the sake of clarity

  • Stepchildren of a direct descendant are excluded from the family line, regardless of his or her living arrangements, unless formally adopted by the direct descendant

  • If we are unable to find a date of death for a person, he or she is assumed to be alive until 100 years after his or her year of birth and will not be listed

The Hugh McCorriston Line

  • 1. Hugh McCorriston (1836-1926), m. Margaret Louise Gorman Foster (1836-1932)

    • 2. Margaret Theresa “Kinnie” McCorriston (1879-1964), m. William Elderkin Kerr (1883-1947)

      • 8. Margaret Elizabeth Kerr (1908-1987)

    • 3. Hannah Sarah “Dove” McCorriston (1881-1969)

    • 4. Gertrude Annie “Gertie” McCorriston (1883-1972)

    • 5. George Edward McCorriston (1884-1973), m. Martha Barbara Marie Schweickert (1898-1994)

      • 9. Florence Margaret McCorriston (1926-1998)

        • 13. Richard Max Johannes III (1956-2001)

        • 14. Bruce F. (1962-1985)

      • 10. Colleen Agnes M. McCorriston (1935-2001)

    • 6. Eva Mary McCorriston (1887-1966), m. Mervyn Thomas Prindiville, Sr. (1891-1966)

      • 11. Mervyn Thomas Prindiville, Jr. (1921-1989)

      • 12. Patricia Gertrude “Patty” Prindiville (1925-2004), m. Cornell Boone “Corky” Bostwick (c.1920-1994)

    • 7. Oscar Hugh McCorriston (1888-1973)

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