A History of the McCorriston Family: Second Generations

Author’s note: Today’s post is the second in a short series on the genealogy of the McCorriston family in Hawaiʻi. To read the first installment of this series, please visit “A History of the McCorriston Family: Beginnings in Hawaiʻi.” Please also note that in the interest of the privacy of our living family, some entries are marked [PRIVATE].

The Children of Hugh McCorriston H-1 and Margaret Louise Gorman

Margaret Theresa “Kinnie” McCorriston H-2 and her husband William Elderkin Kerr first settled on Lunalilo St. in the Makiki Heights area of Honolulu. Issue:

  • H-8. Margaret Elizabeth Kerr, born November 16, 1908, died October 15, 1987

Hannah Sarah “Dove” McCorriston H-3 remained unmarried and died without issue, as did Gertrude Annie “Gertie” McCorriston H-4. They were well known within social and philanthropic circles in Honolulu.

George Edward McCorriston H-5 and Martha Barbara Marie Schweickert first made their home at in the area of Honolulu now known as Makiki Heights. Shortly after their marriage, they moved to the Punchbowl area of Honolulu, then to Kuliouou.

George McCorriston was an accountant at the Honolulu Planing Mill, and later was the purchasing agent for the Bureau of the Territory Budget. He was sometimes known as Keoki Kolokina, a Hawaiian transliteration of his English name.

Children of George Edward McCorriston H-5 and Martha Barbara Marie Schweickert:

  • H-9. Florence Margaret McCorriston, born October 6, 1926, died April 1, 1998, married January 21, 1956, to Richard Max Johannes [PRIVATE], Jr., son of Richard Max Johannes, Sr., and Kathleen Ito (Steinwascher) [PRIVATE], at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Kuliouou

  • H-10. Colleen Agnes McCorriston, born July 30, 1935, died March 11, 2001, married November 28, 1958, to Kenneth Kellogg Smith, son of Beatrice Kellogg Smith Ramsdell Strom, at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Kuliouou

Eva Mary McCorriston H-6 and Mervyn Thomas Prindiville, Sr., first made their home on Pensacola St. in Honolulu after their 1920 marriage. They had two children:

  • H-11. Mervyn Thomas Prindiville, Jr., born September 15, 1921, died March 14, 1989, in Las Vegas, Nevada

  • H-12. Patricia Gertrude Prindiville, born November 2, 1925, died September 14, 2004, in Lincoln, Oregon, married April 19, 1952, to Cornell Boone Bostwick, son of Lawrence Edward and Louise Cornell Bostwick, at Sacred Heart church in Punahou

Oscar Hugh McCorriston H-7 remained unmarried and died without any known issue.

The Children of Daniel McCorriston D-1 and Anna McColgan

Margaret Ann “Maggie” McCorriston D-2 and her husband Otto Samuel Meyer, Sr., were known as pioneers of Molokai, residing within the Meyer family colony in Kalaʻe. Otto Meyer, Sr., was the eldest son of Rudolph Wilhelm Meyer, a German immigrant from Hamburg, and Kalama Dorcas Waha, High Chiefess of Molokai.

Children of Margaret Ann McCorriston D-2 and Otto Samuel Meyer, Sr.:

  • D-10. Marguerite Amelia Meyer, born April 23, 1891, died February 19, 983, married January 20, 1916, to Thomas Patrick Kaihikapu “Tom” Cummins, son of Thomas and Lydia Cummins, at Our Lady of Peace Catholic Cathedral in Honolulu

  • D-11. Alberta Inez Meyer, born January 12, 1893, died April 18, 1972, married May 24, 1920, to Erick Oscar Janitschke, in Honolulu

  • D-12. Otto Samuel Meyer, Jr., born August 28, 1894, died July 4, 1910

  • D-13. Annie Elizabeth Meyer, born May 10, 1897, died February 27, 1987, married March 11, 1922, to Thomas Kenui Lishman, Jr., son of Thomas and Kailima Lishman, at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Punahou

  • D-14. Emma Meyer, born July 28, 1899, died January 1, 1902

  • D-15. Dorcas Kalama Meyer, born August 16, 1900, died April 28, 1993, married January 27, 1927, to Brickwood Kanehoalani Cummins, Sr., son of Thomas and Lydia Cummins, at the Chapel of the Sacred Hearts in Kaimukī

  • D-16. Henry Pendergast Kiheipua “Pennie” Meyer, born August 10, 1902, died December 24, 1988, married September 24, 1928, to Vera Maude Mundon, daughter of Herbert Kaumualiʻi Mundon and Caroline Kamae Woolsey, in Honolulu

  • D-17. Charles Schlieffer Meyer, Sr., born December 12, 1907, died July 5, 1986, married November 26, 1932, to Edith Keolamauloa Cathcart, daughter of Abel Kamai Cathcart, in Hoʻolehua

Sarah Theresa “Sallie” McCorriston D-3 and her husband Edward Vincent “Eddie” Dunn resided on Oʻahu until about 1913, when they returned to Molokai. Children of Sarah Theresa McCorriston D-3 and Edward Vincent Dunn:

  • D-18. Carolyn Lillian “Carrie” Dunn, born September 30, 1895, died October 18, 1984, married August 23, 1923, to James Hood, son of James and Mary Wilkie (Gould) Hood, in Honolulu

  • D-19. Mae Edith Dunn, born May 2, 1897, died May 15, 1989, married January 1926 to Roger Thomas “Tim” Atcherley, son of John and Mary Haʻaheo (Kinimaka) Atcherley

  • D-20. George Emmet “Sonny” Dunn, born February 28, 1899, died December 7, 1953

  • D-21. Daniel William “Danny” Dunn, born April 4, 1900, died July 7, 1954

  • D-22. Eva McCorriston Dunn, born July 30, 1901, died July 14, 1962, married August 23, 1925, to James Macklin Hill, Sr., son of Robert and Alice Hill

  • D-23. Thelma Annie Dunn, born March 24, 1905, died September 18, 1924

  • D-24. Kathryn Vera “Billie” Dunn, born January 23, 1907, died January 31, 1987

  • D-25. Margaret Elizabeth “Koni” Dunn, born January 23, 1907, died September 14, 1987

  • D-26. Alice Antoinette Dunn, born November 5, 1910, died March 26, 1999, married first October 23, 1932, to Willard John Conley, son of John William and Jennie (Murray) Conley, married second June 7, 1935, to the same in Honolulu

  • D-27. Harriet Sarah “Hattie” Dunn, born January 2, 1913, died July 5, 1999, married April 29, 1933, to Clifford Libert Hansmann, son of John Frederick and Mary Kealohaua (Enos) Hansmann, in Honolulu

  • D-28. Baby Boy Dunn, born January 29, 1913

Edward C. “Eddie” McCorriston D-4 and his wife Mary Kawaiulani Campbell settled on Molokai in 1914. Several years later, in 1920, Eddie was appointed as the district magistrate of Molokai, a position he held until his death in 1945.

Edward C. McCorriston D-4 was a well-known public figure on Molokai, being once called “the Little King of Molokai” by Time Magazine. He was involved in a number of civic and social organizations, including the Molokai Civic Club, later known as the Civic Improvement Association of Molokai; the Molokai Athletic Association; the Order of Kamehameha, and others.

Children of Edward C. McCorriston D-4 and Mary Kawaiulani Campbell:

  • D-29. John Campbell “Jack” McCorriston, born November 18, 1915, died December 3, 1992, married May 27, 1939, to Grace Sosnowski, daughter of Mikel and Natalia Sosnowski

  • D-30. Edward “Mike” McCorriston, born February 2, 1917, died June 25, 1975, married August 19, 1944, to Anna Kaiwahine Karratti, daughter of Bonaparte and Kealoha Blake Karratti

  • D-31. Annie McCorriston, born December 25, 1917, died June 8, 1918

  • D-32. Euphemia Leinaʻala “Lei” McCorriston, born January 29, 1919, died January 23, 2009, married July 22, 1948, to Emil Emery Tawney, son of William and Freda Tawney, in Agana (Guam)

  • D-33. Catherine Mary McCorriston, born January 26, 1921, died August 23, 1933

  • D-34. Richard Neil McCorriston, born August 23, 1923, died September 11, 1992, married to Norma E. O’Neil

  • D-35. Donald Campbell McCorriston, born April 18, 1932, died March 6, 2008, married 2nd June 14, 1969, to Theresa Cornell

Elizabeth McCorriston D-5 and her husband Frank Hudson Foster were nearly life-long residents of Molokai; Elizabeth was the first of the children of Daniel McCorriston D-1 and Anna McColgan to be born in Kamalō. She was the principal of the Kamalō government school for 14 years, and her husband Frank was a rancher and deputy tax assessor for the island.

Children of Elizabeth McCorriston D-5 and Frank Hudson Foster:

  • D-36. Neoma Elizabeth Foster, born April 8, 1901, died April 30, 1986

  • D-37. Daniel Hudson Foster, born November 18, 1903, died January 6, 1988, married January 31, 1931, to Dorothea Margaret Rosine “Dorothy” Weber, daughter of Fritz and Marie Weber, in Mana (Kauaʻi)

  • D-38. Francis Harold Foster, born December 30, 1904, died September 24, 1984, married July 25, 1931, to Daphne Kapahuilima Mundon, daughter of Herbert Kaumualii Mundon and Caroline Kamae Woolsey, in Honolulu

  • D-39. Anna Elizabeth Foster, born March 18, 1907, died March 25, 1993, married October 5, 1938, to John Andrew Titus McGuire, son of Andrew T. McGuire, at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Kaimukī

  • D-40. George Trimble Foster, born May 11, 1908, died February 4, 1993, married February 9, 1939, to Alice Mariea Adolphson, daughter of Edwin I. Adolphson, in Waikīkī

  • D-41. John Lucas “Jack” Foster, born May 8, 1911, died January 27, 1999, married December 15, 1941, to Marie Eleanor Brite, daughter of George T. and Cecilia Brite, in Honolulu

  • D-42. James Ferdinand Foster, born May 2, 1913, died January 24, 1995, married September 4, 1941, to Margaret Marnie Forbes, daughter of Joseph and Margaret (Marnie) Forbes, at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Kaimukī

Hugh Patrick McCorriston D-6, Daniel F. McCorriston D-7, and John Samuel McCorriston D-8 died unmarried and without known issue.

Aileen Annie McCorriston D-9 and her husband Joseph Ah Hong Ah Ping resided on Molokai before settling on Oʻahu. They were the parents of

  • D-43. Joseph Ah Hong Ah Ping, Jr., born about 1943, died March 26, 2018

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